Published : 8 Nov, 2023

Message of Condolence

Felm Nepal is deeply saddened to hear the news of devastating earthquake in Jajarkot on 03 November 2023. We are utterly dis-heartened with the loss of lives, especially of those of small children, women, elderly citizens and members of our communities with whom we have been working since past two years. It is heart-breaking to know that seven students and one focal teacher (psychological counselling focal person) engaged in School Mental Health Program in Jajarkot (Nalgad RM and Bheri Municipality) have lost their lives due to the earthquake. We would like to express our sincere condolences to the family members who have lost their loved ones, and to those who are suffering physically, mentally, and emotionally under extreme conditions. We pray to almighty to give them enough strength and energy to cope with the un-imaginable situation.

As our immediate response, we will continue to support our local communities by providing Psychosocial First Aid, and psychological counselling to the most affected and vulnerable people, especially children, single women, pregnant mothers, and People with Disabilities. Our support will be implemented through our existing partners: CMC Nepal and SAHAS Nepal, who have been working in Jajarkot since past two years with us. Our sincere thanks to our partners for working day and night to reach out to the most needed people in Jajarkot.