Other Partners

ACT Alliance (Nepal Forum)

ACT Alliance is a global faith-based coalition organized in national and regional forums operating in more than 120 countries. Through more than 140 members, it works on humanitarian aid, gender and climate justice, migration and displacement, and peace and security to support local communities. Felm Nepal is a part of ACT Alliance Nepal Forum.

Association of International NGO’s (AIN)

AIN was formed by INGO’s working in Nepal in 1996. It is an important network in development sector of Nepal. At present, AIN has 145 INGO members working on a wide-range of issues, making contributions to development and humanitarian efforts.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Embassy of Finland in Nepal

The mission of the Embassy of Finland in Nepal is the coordination and management of the Finnish development policy program and to influence development policy. The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce poverty in Nepal.

Social Welfare Council

Government of Nepal has established Social Welfare Council under Social Welfare Act, 2049 (1992) to provide for the Social Welfare by means of different activities relating to the social welfare work, to support the overall development of the country may operate the social welfare program through the concerned Ministry and Social organizations and institutions